About the Forum

The Australia-Canada Economic Leadership Forum is a Canadian non-profit corporation with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. It is a nonpartisan organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Organizing Committee chosen from the private and public sectors of both countries, a President and CEO, Executive Director, and Director of Events and Communications. The AusCan Forum meets every 18 months, and alternates its venues between Canada and Australia. Each Forum brings together 150 leaders from both Australia and Canada to discuss global challenges and opportunities facing our two countries, and to identify where our countries may be able to better collaborate in areas of trade and investment, global security, foreign policy, economic growth, innovation and technology, energy, and education.

The inaugural AusCan Forum took place in Sydney in 2010. Since then, Forum events have been held in Toronto (July 2012), Melbourne (February 2014), Vancouver (July 2015), Sydney (February 2017) and Montreal (July 2018) and Melbourne (February 2020).

The 2023 AusCan Forum took place in Toronto, Canada.


The mission of the Forum is to broaden and deepen ties between Australian and Canadian public and private sector leaders and to enhance the framework for sound public policy, economic development, and the regional security of both countries.


Canada and Australia share common values: we are both charter members of the Commonwealth and of the G20; we have a common heritage of language and democratic freedoms; we have fought side by side in two World Wars and the other major conflicts in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Today it has never been more important for Australia and Canada to stand together as defenders of democracy, global security, multilateral institutions and open markets. In doing so, we can help strengthen our mutual ties, and help grow our respective economies into the 21st Century.

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